Thursday, 20 June 2013

Norfolk leps

Well it's been a while...

I'll post some stuff soon about the great trip to India back in April as and when I get round to processing some photos but in the meantime here are some moths from a few days in north Norfolk in early June. It was Dr Duff's (step-dad) 60th birthday so we all went up for a bit of a do which was attended by some of Norfolk's finest, but thankfully none of the Norfolk mafia!

It was blooming cold with the temperature around the 14c mark but with a strong northerly it felt a lot colder.
Anyway, a few moths braved it out and here's a selection from the the trap in the West Runton garden from the 1st of June.


 Light Brocade

 Esperia sulphurella

 Nemapogon cloacella or Cork Moth

Aspilapteryx tringipennella

The last moth was found whilst walking along the cliffs at West Runton and was a new species for Dr D leaving him less than 30 short off 1000 moths in the UK. I really should add up my list at some point, probably.

On the way home on Monday I thought I would go via Strumpshaw as I had only ever seen 1 Swallowtail before and I thought it would be a treat for my two children to see such a beautiful creature - what a great Dad I am! Anyway, we saw a couple of these stunning beasts and they were suitably impressed, especially William who was totally made up. I could never approach too closely but managed to get one shot I was happy with.

Swallowtail - phwooar

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