Saturday, 22 June 2013

Moths 17th June 2013

By far and away the best night of the year so far with 152 moths of 36 species including some good micros. 

Nice to be getting the below species on a fairly regular basis in the moth trap. 
 Orange Footman

Another species which I don't think I've seen that many times before is this:
 Sharp-angled Peacock

 Small Yellow Wave

The next species shown is always a bit of a nightmare and I think I've got it right!
 Dusky Brocade

 Green Pug

Another species which I can't recall seeing that many of before:
 Marbled White Spot

Most Common Marbled Carpet I've been seeing down here have been dark ones so this individual threw me a swerve ball for a couple of minutes until the penny dropped.
 Common Marbled Carpet

Up until 2010 there had only been two records of the following micro but I suspect there's been plenty more since as has been witnessed elsewhere nationally.

Argyresthia cupressella 

As per the previous species this next one is surely under-recorded with only 4 records up to 2010

 Argyresthia trifasciata

Another tricky family of micros but I think the id is correct:
 Bactra lancealana

Pandemis cerasana Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix

I do like a nice Caloptilia, at least you can work the family out quick enough!
 Caloptilia azaleella

Cryptoblabes bistriga

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