Thursday, 20 June 2013

Moths 10th June

A decent catch at home with 64 moths of 25 species but still not as good as it should be and not an awful lot to get excited about. A couple of highlights below:

 Scalloped Hazel

 Clouded-bordered Brindle

As Mumsy and Duffy were down for the weekend myself and Dr D went off to do a bit of sweeping on some chalk grassland in the afternoon but it was hard going with quite a stiff breeze and low temperature.
Only 5 species of moth were found as well as three species of Butterfly. On the bird front it was nice to hear a singing Yellowhammer.

 Adela fibulella

 Dingy Skipper

With news of a rather splendidly plumaged male Ruff on my patch at Swineham we headed off out again after dinner. The resplendent Ruff was soon located and this species is apparently not always an easy one to get in Poole Harbour so it was good to catch up with it. There wasn't an awful lot else to be seen so we carried on out to the point to carry out a bit more sweeping. As with elsewhere it seemed pretty quiet but we caught 30 or so of a micro we didn't recognise so we potted a couple up to id once home. They appear to be Bucculatrix maritima of which only 18 individuals have ever been recorded in Dorset so it seems it is well overlooked.

 Bucculatrix maritima

Otherwise we caught just 2 Elachista argentella and a Coleophora sp.

On reaching the line of bushes between the point and the pits I noticed a rather pretty little moth and swiftly potted it up. Photos of the stunner below.

Eulia ministrana

No moths were harmed in the taking of these photos and they were returned home safely.


  1. Good to see you are getting a few bits mate, had 100 moths and 34 species this morning, nothing special but 7 Scorched Wings were nice and a couple of year ticks like Marbled White Spot and White Point, All the best.

  2. Good job the moths are about ( if only just!) there isn't much birdwise to get excited about is there :-)

  3. Thanks chaps, are you going to start trapping as well Warren?