Thursday, 20 June 2013

A long awaited new moth

Trapping back at home on the night of the 3rd of June was quite productive with a total of 47 moth of 25 species, pick of the bunch was this Narrow-winged Pug

Narrow-winged Pug

However, I had to wait until the evening for something I've wanted to see since I was a young lad. A friend had let me know that he had bred a Broad Bordered Bee Hawk Moth from a larva he had found and that he was going to release it back from the same area. This was only about 20 mins from home so with the children in tow we headed off early evening. I won't go into the ethics of "ticking" such a moth because I don't really care too much as it's on my list!!

Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-moth

Once again William was a very happy bunny too and loves the fact that he's seen something that I've had to wait until now to see and he's only ten. Claira (5) was also entranced and insightfully stated that it looked just like a bee as it flew off.

So, Swallowtail on Monday, Broad-bordered Bee Hawk moth on Tuesday, was my son grateful for seeing these two delightful creatures - well yes he was but he also said what have you got lined up for tomorrow? Death's-head Hawk-moth?? I wish!!!

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