Thursday, 3 January 2013

Moff tick already?

With the lack of rain and a warm (relatively!) airstream from the south I thought I'd put the MV out and wasn't disappointed. There were four moths in total, all micros, one was a Common Plume (Emmelina monodactyla), 2 Ypsolopha ustella and what I'm sure is an Acleris logiana and I would welcome any comments:
Acleris logiana?

As I put the trap out this evening there was an Acleris notana/ferrugana on the back door. I'll post some more photos tomorrow.

I managed to add a few more species to the Foot-it list by scoping the harbour from our bedroom, yesterday's additions were Spoonbill (13 over at Shipstal Pt), RB Merg, Oystercatcher, Curlew and Shelduck whilst a Common Buzzard flew over late in the afternoon. Today I managed to scope Lapwing and Canada Goose whilst a Sparrowhawk whizzed past taking the total to 62 - or 75.61% of my expected total.

I took the kids down to Whitecliff Park in the afternoon as they can have a good runaround whilst I can check the small bay there which usually holds a few Brent Geese. There were 190 today which is my highest count down there so far, there were also a couple of Rock Pipit, a female Goldeneye, 7 Great Crested Grebe and 8 Turnstone as well as the obligatory brain dead dog walkers in large numbers.

I drove round to Baiter Park so I could scan the harbour for any grebes or divers but nothing doing, however I did see a male Blackcap in nearby gardens which would have been a brucie bonus for Foot-it.

Should have the afternoon to myself tomorrow so a chance to do a bit of a recce for Saturday's bird race.

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