Sunday, 13 January 2013

It's all acleris mud!

With the New Year starting off with mild overnight temperatures the moth trap has been out quite a few nights and produced some interesting stuff.
Here's another photo of the Acleris logiana which I caught on the night of the 2nd

Acleris logiana 

Ypsolopha ustella

The A. logiana has only recently been discovered in the south of England having previously been confined to Scotland.

The night of the 3rd produced a couple of macros in the form of Dark Chestnut and Double-striped Pug and micros were represented by 3 LBAMs (Epiphyas postvittana for you purists!)

Dark Chestnut 

Double-striped Pug

The night of the7th was the most productive so far and yielded a Silver Y on the wall near the trap as well as a Beautiful Plume (Amblyptilia acanthadactyla), an LBAM, an Acleris hastiana (which I initially thought might be umbrana but realised I was stringing) and a couple of Acleris notana/ferrugana - hence the somewhat convoluted post title!

Acleris hastiana

This one has laid some eggs in the pot so I will go and find some leaves from oak and birch to try and breed it out in the hope of a successful identification.

I think all of these are A. notana/ferrugana but if you think otherwise please let me know!

Apple Leaf Miner from the 7th

Finally this Chestnut was caught the night of the 8th and shows how different the colours look dependent on the light
 Chestnut (in the shade)

 Chestnut (in direct sunlight)


  1. I need to move further south west. These chilly Surrey uplands are pants for moths during the winter months.

  2. You wouldn't regret it, plenty more birds too!