Sunday, 16 February 2014

Dartford Chat 16th February 2002

A bit of a blast from the past:
Barry Wright found this rather interesting Stonechat just after Christmas of 2001 on Dartford Fresh Marsh. Field views gave the impression of Siberian Stonechat especially as the rump appeared pale and unmarked with the bird sporting a fairly prominent super.

After obtaining permission from the land owners and procuring the services of one of the local ringers we set about trying to catch the bird. A couple of nets were duly erected and it wasn't too long before the bird was in the bag so to speak.

I haven't got the measurements but I do recall that they all fell within the overlap range between Stonechat and Siberian Stonechat. A really stunning bird in it's own right and we came to the conclusion that the bird was just a "pigmentally challenged" Stonechat - probably!

Some features, in particular the rump, didn't look as good in the hand as they had done in the field and the hoped for black axillaries didn't materialise.

Anybody else seen an individual like this or have any views on what it may be?

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